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Windows 10 is the operating system everyone's been waiting for. Windows 10 returns to some features past users were familiar with, including the Start menu. Windows 10 innovates with lots of new features, including voice commands, new security features, and built in applications.

Windows 10 is expected to see widespread adoption for business and individuals.

In this course, Tom Vorves, Master Instructor, leads you through new features, changes, and general usage. You'll learn tips and demystify navigation. Tom is fun and engaging. Why not jump right in?

Who is the target audience?
  • New Windows 10 users
  • People upgrading from other versions of Windows
  • Business training employees on Windows 10
  • Beginning to Intermediate Windows users
  • People looking to learn tips and tricks
  • This course is NOT intended for network technicians, system administrators, or full-time information technology professionals. This course is intended for end users.