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Make photography your active meditation and grow your awareness

My journey as a photographer, to my surprise, became an adventure in self awareness. I went from amateur, to a professional photographer in the music industry, to freelance, to selling most of my cameras and not shooting. Then in a moment of inspiration, I decided to write a short book about photography that became a best-seller on Amazon for 2 days. It took me writing that book to realize how important photography had been to my self growth and self awareness.

With all the cameras on mobile phones and mobile devices these days, I see photography as an ideal tool one can use to gain more self-awareness, aid their self growth and create the life each individual desires.

What Is It?

It was about a year after writing and publishing my book, ‘Photo WOW!’, that I saw how much photography played and continues to play a role in my own self growth. This inspired me to create a self growth course with the use of photography. In the course we will dive deeply into some of the most important matters that affect our own life’s fulfillment: Relationships, Values, Boundaries, Gratitude and Imagination/Play. Having an new and expanded awareness naturally creates a greater experience of life.

Why I Made This Course

There are times in our lives when it feels like everything is going wrong, or something feels off or we just can't get a break. I've been there, and it took a lot of sweat, tears and even blood to find the best tools to keep up on the maintenance of this thing called ‘My Life’. I have by no means perfected this skill, but I can confidently say that I have found some powerful and practical tools that have worked to get me out of “ruts”, depressions and have brought greater clarity and experiences in my life. These are tools I will use for the rest of my life, and I know that these can benefit you as well. Photography as a self growth tool is so useful because you actually see the reality you are in and are creating for yourself. This heightens your sense of awareness which in turn makes you feel more alive. Your experience of life will be more profound with a heightened sense of awareness. It may even save your life someday! No longer will you feel like a robot marching off automatically programmed to a life predetermined for you. And more like a magician or an artist that creates their own worlds and is connected to their surroundings. You could think of it as active or moving meditation.

I promise you that areas of your life will start to change. Beware though, that when we grow, there are growing pains. How you see and approach your relationships, work and daily life will forever change. Life will always be testing you and throwing you curve balls when you least expect it. Having tools to navigate those moments can keep you afloat. Not having tools, and you may end up shipwrecked with no one to turn to.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking for a creative method of personal development and help with their relationships