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View The Six Phases to Mastering Weight Loss Report AND watch Dr. Sullivan's FOX NEWS weight loss interview in FREE LECTURES #1 AND #3 further below on this page to learn what Stanford University discovered about PreDietingtraining your brain to lose weight before you begin your next dietno matter what diet you choose!

For 21 days, Harvard graduate, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Sean Sullivan walks with you step-by-step, applying the latest brain science to train your brain to master your strengths and obliterate your weaknesses. You'll create completely new brain patterns that enable you to healthily and sustainably lose the weight you choose to lose. Each day of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program begins with a very personal brain training video from Dr. Sullivan followed by your targeted Master Weight Loss Challenge. Progress at your own pace through 21 days of creating your personal NEW LIFE MAP leading to the body (and brain) you want. You'll be a Weight Loss Master losing the weight you want to lose.

"Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance." - Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback


Obliterate The Vicious Brain Cycle That Makes You Fat

More than 90% of people who lose a lot of weight gain it back because of The Vicious Brain Cycle. Rather than changing your brain in a desired way, most diets end up tricking your brain into a short-term, unsustainable program of body manipulation. Over the long term you are actually training your brain to want to eat more, not less (New York Times).

The Vicious Brain Cycle

1. You feel overweight so you start a diet and lose some weight.

2. You hit a limit and begin to gain some weight back so you feel bad.

3. Within a year you are almost always coping by eating more and gaining all the weight back and often gaining even more weight.

We have all heard of the thousands of diets—Atkins, South Beach, etc. It turns out, diets are almost always a formula for weight gain, not weight loss. They create “The Vicious Brain Cycle” because they fail at dealing with the heart of the weight loss problem.

When you train your brain correctly, though, you actually want to eat and live differently. Your brain becomes extremely clear about how much you hate unhealthy food running your life. You come to see overeating, and foods that are bad for you, for what they really are—your massive enemies preventing you from feeling and looking good.

Your brain ultimately controls what you want and what you do. So, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make intentional and sustained changes inside your brain. You need to train your brain to want to eat well by creating a Self-Promoting Brain Cycle so it becomes fait accompli that you drop weight and keep it off.

I'll show you how to apply the discoveries of brain science to annihilate The Vicious Brain Cycle from your life. You will create new brain habits that ensure lasting changes in your brain and body. Your life will feel different, happier and healthier. You'll feel better because you’ll be rewiring your brain to lose the weight you want to lose.

I’ll show you how do it. That’s what I do.

Dr. Sean Sullivan, TheMindMaster.com

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in applying cutting-edge brain science to achieve a personal weight loss goal in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Dr. Sullivan asks that you only enroll in one of his 21-Day Mastery Programs. You may choose from The 21-Day Master Stress & Anxiety Program or The 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program.
  • The 21 daily brain training videos you will encounter during this program are grounded in the latest cognitive neuroscience. For consistency of training, each of Dr. Sullivan's 21-Day Mastery Programs uses many of the same daily videos. Meanwhile, the daily "Challenges" you will complete, and the "New Life Map" you will be creating as you progress through your 21 days of mastering weight loss, are specifically designed to guide you to master that specific goal in your life.
  • The way to begin mastering any life goal is to bring a full intention to succeed. This 21-day mastery program is designed for people who are committed to mastering weight loss.