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A quick question to anyone who has to do a presentation - doing a pitch for a start-up, presenting an idea to your boss, an academic presentation, a job interview, a new idea to get a partner interested in, a client you need to convince…you name it ;)

So the question is: how can you supercharge your pitch?

I think I can help you with this presentation training course!

I'm not a presentation expert but simply a tech entrepreneur and I have spent the last 12 years of my life “divulging” the opportunities offered by the Internet and technology by doing presentations.

For every type of audience. On every medium. In-almost-any situation.

My journey…I went through every type of medium (TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers) doing presentations in the most desperate conditions, from town squares to castles (to an audience seated at dining tables, starving before dinner), frommega conventions of 5,000 people to hotel rooms with 2 people, from meetings at nursing homes with eighty-year-olds to face-to-face meetings with sixteen-year-olds behind school desks. I had to do theatrical monologues of 90 minutes and 10 minute pitches on trains for the entire 3-and-a-half hour journey (rotating between 11 wagons, talking to 6 people at a time), as well as summarizing my messages in 12 second clips for radio interviews, right through to 21 minute live television transmissions on my own program (with guests like Jeff Bezos). Lastly, I had the chance to interview thousands of guests, ranging from one-to-one interviews with well-known figures such as Steve Ballmer in front of 1,500 people, to live interviews with Al Gore on TV including accepting live questions from the audience (while defending myself in the meantime from physical attack by a fanatic…).

Above all, out of sheer necessity, I had to invent different and unconventional methods of presenting, in order to be able to survive in situations that you cannot overcome just by showing some simple slides. I brought ping-pong tables on the stage to explain and play at the same time, I gave out rings to marry the Internet, I used sensors to transform the audience into a single joystick, I folded T-shirts in 5 seconds, I gave out sheets of paper to make portraits and I brought tennis balls to throw on the stage.

Join me and supercharge your pitch before you know it :) 

</p> Who is the target audience?
  • If you are an entrepreneur and you have an idea, or you want to involve your partners or cofounders, you will need to make a presentation.
  • If you are in business and you want to present an idea to your boss or you have been commissioned with a job and you have to present your project, then you need to know how to make a presentation.
  • If you have to convince a client of the benefits of your business, you need to know how.
  • If you are looking for a job, you must present yourself.
  • If you attend university and you teach, it is an environment filled with presentations, from professors to students.