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The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course

Build 9 projects—master two essential and modern technologies in Python and PostgreSQL

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Learn Python: The Complete Python Programming Course

Learn A-Z everything about Python, from the basics, to advanced topics like Python GUI, Python Data Analysis, and more!

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Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python

Data science: Learn linear regression from scratch and build your own working program in Python for data analysis.

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Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps

Build Python Web Applications from Beginner to Expert using Python and Flask

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Python for Absolute Beginners

Python 101 - learn python programming from scratch with hands on exercises in this free python tutorial!

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Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django, and More.

A Programming Class for Non-Technical Founder(s). Learn Django- the #1 Python Frameworks, APIs, HTML, CSS, + Payments.

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Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python

Data science techniques for professionals and students - learn the theory behind logistic regression and code in Python

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Python Programming for Beginners

Recently updated with new, better Python development content for beginners.

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Become a Professional Python Programmer

Learn all the important skills Python programmers need to get all the best programming jobs

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The Complete Python 3 Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!

Complete Guide to learning how to program in Python. Go from Beginner to Advanced level in Python with coding exercises!

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Python from Beginner to Expert: Starter Free

Complete Python Programming in 30 min - Get ready for Advanced Concepts.

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REST APIs with Flask and Python

Build professional REST APIs with Python, Flask, Flask-RESTful, and Flask-SQLAlchemy

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みんなのAI講座 ゼロからPythonで学ぶ人工知能と機械学習


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Python 101

Learn to program in today's Hot programming language Python from scratch.

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Python Beyond the Basics - Object-Oriented Programming

From Classes To Inheritance - OOP In-Depth For Python Programmers

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Python For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course

When other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true penetration tester!

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Data Analysis with Python & Pandas

Learn Python for data analysis and visualization by analyzing large datasets. Covering Python 3, Pandas, and Seaborn.

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Professional Python Web Development Using Flask

Learn from scratch how to build backend web applications using Python Flask, Cloud9, MySQL and Docker Containers

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Introduction to Computer Vision | Master OpenCV 3 in Python

Build 12 Python apps: such as Augmented Reality Face Filters (Snapchat/MSQRD), Face Recognition & car/people detection!

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Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x - Novice To Ninja

Join the best course to learn how to implement an automation framework from scratch using real web application

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