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Projects in Python: Get started with Python game development

Learn the basics of Python game development while you create your very own Space Invaders clone using Python 3.

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Python Machine Learning - Part 1

Unlock deeper insights into Machine Leaning with this vital guide to cutting-edge predictive analytics

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Data-Structures & Algorithms in Python

An Ultimate Course on Algorithms and Data-structures in Python from Basics to Advanced !

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Mastering Python - Second Edition

Unlock the power of Python by learning effective application development strategies

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Python Programming - A Media Approach

Go from a Coding Newbie to a Coding Master with this detailed guide to the world of programming.

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Learning Path: Python GUI Projects

Create well-designed, powerful, and scalable applications by harnessing the power of Python.

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Python Programming: An Expert Guide on Python

Learn Python while Building Projects

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Python Data Visualization Solutions

Create attractive visualizations using Python’s most popular libraries

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Encoding and Unicode Demystified in Python

Everything you need to know about handling text in programming (with examples in Python)

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