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Over 1600 students have already jumped in to the course and are gaining a usefull new Photoshop skill


With Photoshop the possibilities really are endless.

In this course we work with 2 different versions of Adobe Photoshop in this course: Adobe CS4 and I also show you some visuals using Adobe CS6 - so you get a taste of both.

Why take the course?

When you have an image you may not always like the background that the image comes with. It can be quite frustrating to try to manipulate an image so that only the elements you want are left in.

Or maybe you wish to place a selection of 1 image onto the background of another.

This course will teach you how to professionally remove the background area from all of your images effortlessly. Once you have removed the background then the image will be much easier to work with & manipulate

All you need is photoshop and a willingness to learn and this course will have you removing the unwanted backgrounds from your images in no time.

Who is the target audience?
  • All those with a hunger to learn a new skill in photoshop
  • Budding graphic designers & even entrepreneurs