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Do you want to learn to play piano? Would you like to play popular pieces?

Maybe you can read music but you do not know how to play chords, this is your opportunity to learn how to play them!!

Learn to play the following songs

Pavane -Gabriel Faure-

Golden Wedding -Gabriel Marie-

Imagine -John Lennon-

Through practical videos you will learn how to play chords, understanding the theory, why and how must be played. Learn the basic types of chords: Major, minor, diminished, dominant 7 and Major 7 chords and how to use them in popular pieces

This is the moment to ACHIEVE YOUR MUSICAL GOALS, do not wait more time, JOIN NOW and start playing!!!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is dedicated to every person that wants to learn to play chords at the piano, playing popular pieces.
  • If you want to play piano but you don´t have the time to attend to a music academy, this course is for you, go at your own pace, manage your own learning.
  • If the place where you live doesn´t offer you piano lessons, this course is for you, start playing piano, popular pieces and chords today.