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ONE Ultimate Health Means using our total body to achieve total health from the inside out.

O.N.E. Stands for ONESELF, NUTRITION and EXERCISE (in the order of importance and the program). 

Total body health means using total body techniques to achieve this! 

In this course I will be walking you through a complete process of losing weight and getting healthy from the inside out. 

We will utilize our minds, attitudes, creativity, bodies in motion and our diet (what we consume on a daily basis). We will have homework throughout the course from joining and posting in our private facebook group, setting up our workout space, planning our meals, creating our new mantras, visualization and meditation practices. 

If we want changes we must change how we do things!

Of course there are workouts in this program but you will also learn how to create your own workout based on your desires, interests and goals. I have also created a meal plan for you to customize and never again have to purchase the latest diet fad from those overpriced infomercials. 

If you are tired of losing weight then gaining it all back and want to learn how to lose it for life and join a team of women who are on the same journey and wanting to support one another then please join this course. We are a group of women heading towards health. We will learn together, struggle together and help one another. If you are looking for support, a fun way to pound the pounds and shed the weight loss struggles then you are in the right place. 

This course should take you 14 days to complete with 21 days to see major results if you do all the homework and take the time to do the requested challenges along the way. The videos are short and to the point with simple exercises (not just physical exercises either) to put you in the right frame of mind for the success that is to come. I have included videos, screencast with beautiful images, PDF files and worksheets to be filled out as we go along. 

Please join me if you are interested in losing weight for life, learning new techniques to get healthy and want a support team in your corner cheering you on and allowing you to assist them in this endeavor. 

I'm Jen Mac your trainer, coach, mentor and cheerleader. 

Click below and join us today! 

See you on the other side!  

Who is the target audience?
  • Women who are wanting to lose weight (20-80 lbs) and will commit to themselves and this program.
  • Open minded women who are willing to learn new ways to achieve weightloss.
  • Women who will support one another and allow others to support her in our private facebook group.
  • Women who have tried everything and have not had much lasting success in losing weight or their current weightloss program.
  • Busy moms who are ready to make losing weight a top priority and ready to commit to this program!
  • NO prior exercise or workout program knowledge needed.