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This course covers modern art ("official" notion - from the second half of the XIXth century to the first half of the XXth century). 

It´s themes, techniques, pioneer artists.

Materials included: PowerPoint, Text, Video in MP4.

The course is structured this way: 

1. Art History (since pre- historic times);

2. Art Movements (Abstract / Cubism / Expressionism / Surrealism);

3. Artistic Categories (Drawing / Painting / Sculpture);

4. Traditional Art Themes (Landscape / Portrait, ...);

4. Art Techniques (Dripping / Collage / Grattage, ...).

This course is common knowledge and this kind of art theory should be taught in schools as a basic information to all students. 

And this is the perfect introduction to a world of creativity that can lead any person to his/ her own artistic voice.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you already have art notions, but feel you´re lacking a complete view.
  • If you don´t know much about art and want to learn more.
  • If you "hate" contemporary art´s agressive visual aproach and love "traditional" art forms.
  • If you prefer contemporary art instead of modern art, this course is not the best fit for you.