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In this course, you will learn to build prototype you can show on your phone to your friends, developers  or investor.

It's the only course that shows you how to design a Snapchat prototype step by step using Sketch and Marvel app.

Learn Sketch 3 from scratch now.

We will use Sketch to design our Snapchat app, a powerful tool that is replacing Photoshop , and we will then build our prototype in Marvel App. 

For this case, we will prototype Snapchat ( # fastest growing social app )

  • Design Step by Step Snapchat
  • Build a Prototype 
  • Design the App you want and show it to the world 
  • Sketch is a powerful tool to design UI for iOS or Android and even Web ( Here we will use it to design Snapchat for iOS Marvel app is like Invision a simple tool to build prototype you can display on your phone.

    Take this course, to learn how great company like Instagram ,Tinder , Snapchat ... design great app !

    Learn Sketch from scratch now by building a Snapchat prototype.

    After taking this course, you could design apps in Sketch 3  like Airbnb, Uber , Instagram and the one you dreamed of doing, so Let's take this course !

    Who is the target audience?
    • Designer
    • Entrepreneur
    • Developer