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This Excel 2016 course aims to teach you how to use several of Excel's features by means of learning by example - in this case building a dynamic line chart which does the following:

  • Automatically shows data based on the last xyz days (which the user sets by a spinner)
  • Automatically works out the minimum value and maximum value for that selected data- and shows it on the chart
  • Automatically changes the chart title to reflect the amount of days shown

We start off with overviewing the final product and then explore each topic individually culminating in our building of our dynamic chart.

This course is aimed at intermediate users of Excel. It assumes a good knowledge of Excel so please bear that in mind. Those who are comfortable with beginners Excel (including writing formulas) and wish to progress to intermediate usage can also take this course. We cover the following functions/features:

  • Max function
  • Min function
  • Offset function
  • Named ranges (in the context of building a chart)
  • The & symbol
  • Line charts (in the context of our dynamic chart)

Quizzes are provided and for the more advanced topics exercises are given.

Our Excel intermediate course is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee so its risk free. Our lectures are all filmed in Excel 2016 and come with tasks/quizzes as well as the workbooks with one sheet showing the content at the start of the lecture and another showing the content at the end of the lecture basically 'before' and 'after' sheets which will aid your learning.

Who is the target audience?
  • Excel users who are at an intermediate level of Excel and wish to further those skills
  • Excel users who are comfortable in beginners level Excel and wish to progress to intermediate usage of Excel- but please be aware this is an intensive course
  • Do not take this course if you are an advanced user of Excel
  • Analysts who need to prepare reports and want to automate them