75% Off Lectures to Accompany Wheelock's Latin: Chapters 16-30

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Description Over the years of teaching Latin from the excellent and justly renowned textbook "Wheelock's Latin," I have created a series of lectures designed to help students get the most of this magnificent book. In them you will find guidance to some of the more perplexing concepts of grammar -- English and Latin -- that often comprise an insuperable barrier to progressing in Latin for modern-day students. The lectures will not replace the Wheelock text. They will only, I hope, make your on-ramp smoother. 

To that end, the lectures track exactly with the chapters of the textbook. This will give you "context sensitive" help when you need it.

You will not find answers to the exercises or anything that is copyright protected by the publisher of the Wheelock book. To get any benefit from these lectures, you must have the Wheelock text.

A typical college-level class will cover chapters 16-30 in the first semester; a high school class will cover them in the second year. Best of luck to you! -bl

Who is the target audience?
  • Autodidacts
  • Homeschoolers and their students