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This course will make you Quick grip on JSTL core Tag library (core,fmt,XML, JSTL functions,SQL) and help you to minimize writing scriptlet in JSP pages. In this course, you will have a practical approach to create the full functional website using JSTL.

If you are a JEE6 programmer or Developer and want to refresh your Skillset with JSTL tag libraries, this course is for you.

Throughout this course, you will go through a complete Web Application name "Online File Management" and you will learn how to apply JSTL concept instantly with Web Application Development.

In this course you will get great opportunity to work with Live Project, with Database Setup, Designing a web pages with

CSS/HTML5,Maintaining Session and other scopes between pages,File Management, AJAX Support, XML Support,Creating website for multiple

languages, Formating Number, currency,dates etc and lot.

You will through

1- Writing a neat and clean JSP codes

2- Designing a Databases

3- Understanding Scopes

4- Writing JSP pages without using negligible Script or Java codes

Who is the target audience?
  • Developers JSP and Servlet and want to learn JSTL Tags
  • Developers who want to learn DB Concept
  • Not for Beginners