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This course by PGN Piano is offering an a to z introduction to playing piano for those who have never played before, and those who are playing but want to learn more about piano music theory.

This free introduction course will teaches you the very basics of piano. We will discuss the basic layout of the piano, the name of the white keys, the name of the black keys, as well as whole tones and half tones, and how to recognise them.

After this course you can continue on with the full course Flying Start on your Piano Journey, right here on Udemy. Or you can simply start to learn how to play really cool songs, on the PGN Piano YouTube Channel!

Let's do it!


PGN Piano

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who has never played piano before, or who has never had music lessons before!
  • This course if for anyone who wants to learn all about music theory, and wants to try out the PGN Piano teaching method for free!