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Are you interested in learning natural ways to improve your health and wellness? Reiki is an ancient, energy healing system rediscovered by Dr Usui.  It was after he had read ancient sanskrit texts, meditated, prayed, fasted and chanted the secrets of Reiki were unlocked; he was attuned to Reiki and the sacred Reiki symbols came to him in orbs of light. Reiki has become an international healing system and is available to everyone; there are various approaches to Reiki and I share traditional Reiki. 

The Calm Oasis School of Reiki is a new school that provides training in Reiki that meets the UK national occupational standards; but this is nothing to be put off by as this training meets the standards of Reiki traditionally taught includes so much more including personally created meditations that aid balancing chakras with the principles of Reiki.  

There are three demonstration exercises for students to learn and practice; Byosen, unblocking one meridian channel and meditation.

As an introductory course, to help students decide if Reiki is for them.  Students will have lifetime access to all course materials.  There are short videos that give you a basic foundation of Reiki, there is meditation to help you relax and feel energy flowing, and a pdf document to supplement this level of learning. 

Deborah offers a slow, quiet pace to sharing her knowledge and skills.  She has a quiet voice that brings inner calm and is deliberate - we live in a fast pace, hectic and often chaotic world, slowing down, quieting and stilling are vitally important approaches to beginning to unravel the tension that leads to stress and dis-ease.  So if a slow, calm, quieter pace is for you then this is the place to be.

Should students feel inspired and wish to receive their Reiki learning and attunements from me then I am in a very honoured place and with this comes great responsibility and so I offer support via the Udemy platform and in the world of facebook.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students over 18.
  • Holistic therapists and professionals
  • Students with an open heart and mind.
  • Students desiring change in their lives.