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FACT: Facebook and Twitter are the fastest-growing social media platforms!
You can use Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness about you and your business.
With the increase in growth of social media, being able to enter people's conversations is easier than ever.
This does not require you to sell directly.
In fact, if you try to hard-sell anyone on these social media sites, it can actually backfire.
It's all about having enjoying yourself - and making sure those who enter your conversations are enjoying themselves as well.
Now we are going to focus on one feature that many of these platforms support.
Here come the hashtags...
Twitter is a good example it lets you use hashtags to make Tweets more searchable. The way you do it is by placing a # sign in front of the keyword or keyword phrase.
Twitter shows the top hashtags in the Trends section . Imagine being able to tap into the hottest hashtags.
So how much traffic can you get from this?
Well, the amount of traffic you get really depends on how interesting your conversion is and how it relates to the hashtag you chose.
Choosing hashtags can be the difference between getting targeted and non-targeted traffic.
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Who is the target audience?
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