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The key objective of this Learn How To DJ course is to teach you all the essential skills you will need to know to be a DJ like a pro. The course is designed for the absolute beginner, and the intermediate DJ.

The “How To DJ: The Fundamentals and Beyond” course is taught through high quality HD video tutorials that maximize various viewpoints such as overhead views and screen capture video footage of DJ software, so that you can see exactly what your professor is teaching you. Students will learn by watching the videos and practicing the various techniques. The course can take anywhere from a week to four weeks to complete. This will depend on how much previous experience the student has DJing.

Students will benefit from taking this course because they will learn the inside secrets on how to be a DJ directly from professional DJs. These skills can take years to learn all on your own, but we teach them all in a fun easy to understand format. On top of all this your instructor will also be available via email to answer any specific questions you have regarding the material.

Take this ultimate course right now and learn how to DJ.

</p> Who is the target audience?
  • People with no knowledge but an interest in learning how to DJ
  • Beginner DJs
  • Intermediate DJs who want to fine tune their skills to become professionals
  • Professional DJs that want to put more tricks in their tool belt