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Following on from the free Magento Introduction (free) & Getting Started with Magento courses, we show you how to manage inventory in Magento.

You're going to learn loads!

There is over 4 hours of video tutorials included, all in 100% Plain English and we show you using examples as we go, step by step.

You're going to learn ALL of this & more:

  • What the different product types are in Magento and how they're used
  • You'll be creating your first product in Magento
  • Then learning all about categories for your website
  • What attributes and attribute sets are
  • Adding in extra attributes to help you, your business & your customers
  • Creating variation products in Magento with 3 real-world examples
  • Seeing how cool layered navigation is and how it'll help your customers
  • How to set up customer ratings & reviews, plus the one setting everyone else forgets to tell you about
  • How to bulk up your products
  • What the different options are for cross promoting products
  • And finally how to import & export products

See we said you're going to learn loads :)

We believe that Magento doesn't need to be nerdy or for the tech-geeks only.

Magento is dead easy to setup and use day to day. We'll show you how, all in Plain English.

With 100% video content, you can follow us along in your own Magento system.

If you've read this far, hit the "Take this Course" button and get started right now,

We'll see you on the inside,

Matt & Dave

Who is the target audience?
  • If you're new to Magento
  • If you want to know how to create & manage products in Magento and learn some tips from experienced users
  • If you want to use Magento with zero coding
  • If you want to build your very own Magento website
  • Perfect for beginners to Magento