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If you are determined to stick to your gluten-free diet when you travel for business but don't want to rely on granola bars and coffee to get you through, this course is for you! I will share over 101 tips and tricks that have worked for me as I traveled the globe on a strict gluten-free diet.

You will discover how eating fresh, whole foods and practicing some simple mindfulness techniques can help you overcome the fatigue, jet lag and headaches that we typically associate with long trips.

In just under two hours, you will become more confident about avoiding gluten-contamination, steering clear of temptation-pitfalls and become a gluten-free travel expert.

Connect with other business travelers in the discussion boards and commit to experimenting with your new knowledge and skills on your next trip.

Who is the target audience?
  • You should take this course if you are serious about sticking to a healthy, gluten-free diet when you are traveling for business
  • This is a great place to start if you are seeing results with a gluten-free diet, but find it challenging to travel away from home either because of temptation or because of uncertainty over what is safe to eat.