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This course is perfect for a DigitalSLR photographer wanting to master the basics of flash photography.

You'll find I teach in a clear, simple way with hopefully no jargon so you really don't need any experience with lights or even own one, I have all the links to the equipment you need over on my website (link below) and it won't cost you more than £100 for the whole off-camera setup.

Do you need to be a competent photographer?

No not really. I will be showing you how to use your light in a manual mode so as long as you know on YOUR camera how to turn it to 'M' and adjust the aperture and shutter speed setting you'll be fine. In fact if you are stuck I'll help you with that too.

What are the requirements?

None… well, except an SLR camera!

Who is this course for?

All my training is aimed at amateur photographers rather than professionals. If you're frustrated that you can't :

  • take photos in the evenings
  • take photos indoors
  • take photos at parties
  • then this is for you.

Who is this course NOT for?

This isn't a course for professionals or experienced lighting users hoping to better their skills. All you are going to find here is the settings you need for basic but well, evenly lit photographs when your camera can't cope.

What am I going to get from this course?

6 videos (50 mins) of quality training. Nothing ground breaking but exactly what you need to get you started using your flash both on and off your camera.

Assuming this training is well received I plan to do a more advanced course later in the year and that will be the course where we go outside, use multiple lights etc.

I hope that's enough to convince you and I look forward to seeing you in the training course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This flash photography course is for Digital SLR camera users. No experience is required as I explain all the manual settings you need for both your camera and the lights.
  • The course does not cover TTL automatic modes, purely manual which you'll discover is simple and liberating!
  • This course is not an advanced technique course, simply a how-to basic guide to get you going and consistently shoot great indoor photos with a flash.