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The Code Whisperer is excited to offer you the time and money saving secrets of Facebook Authorization with Node.

Have you ever implemented the sign up and authentication process? If so, you'd know how difficult and expensive it is. Luckily, we can now leverage Facebook to greatly simplify this and save money and time AGAIN and AGAIN, while getting better security and more signups than ever before.

Curious to learn more? You should be! In this course, we'll...

  • Learn all the basics of Facebook Authorization from the very beginning, so you'll never be clueless
  • Understand OAuth
  • Register a real app with Facebook
  • Make the necessary modifications to your workstation to test Facebook Authorization
  • Actually build your own application that implements Facebook Authorization that you can use as the boilerplate for any project you wish
  • Understand the risks of using this mostly great technology

Anyone who has LOTS of responsibility in the office, or anyone who likes to take on huge projects with just a small team, WILL benefit from this course. It's guaranteed! If you don't think you got your money's worth, don't hesitate to click the Refund Now button! I'm so convinced, I believe you'll receive no less than two times what you put into this course in saved time and money the VERY first time you use what you learn, and you'll be doing so dozens of times.

Get in on this timeless knowledge and start saving time and developing like a pro today.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has never implemented Facebook Authorization
  • People who are interested in NodeJS
  • Those who feel they spend too much time implementing Login / Signup systems
  • Those who want to create additional employment opportunities for themselves