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Welcome to the Excel 2010 for the New Project Manager course! This course is meant to be a short but information rich introduction to learn how to use Excel as a new project manager. And if you are an experienced project manager, you may also pick up some tips that could help with your individual projects, but think of it as a primer of Excel for Project Management.

You may be running projects that require something to help manage or present information and usually a common tool is Microsoft Excel. Though it may not have the features of Project Management specific software, Excel is robust enough to use for project management. However you may find that once you understand what Excel can do, you’ll find out it is a very powerful tool that will probably do the majority of what you want. You just need to figure out how to use it.

To really understand Excel you should probably start with the basics (and there is a lot to learn!). This course is a lecture only format that gives just enough information to get you started to feel comfortable using Excel to run projects.

This course will cover the following:

  • Explore the Excel 2010 User Interface
  • Understanding the Ribbon
  • A Look at the Backstage view
  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • Workbook and Worksheet Basics
  • Primer to Cells, Columns and Rows
  • Exploring different views using Freeze Panes and Split Panes
  • How to Create Formulas and use Functions
  • Using Lists Filters
  • How the Table Feature Works
  • Basics of Charting
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using Styles and Text Formatting
  • Tips on Printing
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How to Create a Gantt Chart
  • How to Create a Pareto Chart
  • How to Create a Timeline Chart

There are a lot of things you can do with Excel and this course should give you the tools to really understand how it works. By the end of the course you should feel familiar with using Excel and may also be able to create some charts that you may see in your work.

Who is the target audience?
  • For the new Project Manger that has a basic knowledge of Excel
  • For the experienced Project Manager that would like to refresh Excel skills