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Welcome to the illustrator design course - Creating a logo

In this course we will be covering all the tools and techniques to build a logo from scratch, from a simple sketch, colouring it up using photoshop and Illustrator.

This couse will be targetting beginners to Illustrator but advanced users might find it of help as well.

We will be showing you some basic tools within illustrator that we willl be using and then jumping straight into sketching, colouring and finally drawing it all out within illustrator.

In this course we cover the following;

  • Producing visual for clients
  • Resourcing and working with references
  • Quick methods for colouring up a sketch
  • All the tools you need to know for logo creation
  • Loads of tip and tricks for logo design
  • and loads more...
As a BONUS I am including two more videos one on creating a logo variant and also a video on applying it to a coffee cup using photoshop! Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for beginners to illustrator we will move along at a slow pace, often recapping on the tasks we have performed, Advanced users will also find this course of help specially with recapping over some of the tools
  • The course will try to get you familiar with the tools you will most often use quickly and efficiently
  • Providing a few ways to do the same task will also help you develop your own style