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Mastering Techniques - Mastering EDM (The Complete Guide)

Learn how to achieve commercial quality EDM masters in any DAW by watching us master 8 tracks with 3 plugin chains.

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The Foundations of Church Lighting

Learn everything that you need to know in order to make amazing lighting for your church!

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Tuba Solos: Learn how to Perform Three Fun and Unique Pieces

Master the art of musical practice, preparation, and performance with three separate, intermediate-level Tuba solos.

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Learn Lion (Saroo) Soundtrack On The Piano By Ear

Learn "Lion Main Theme"&"Orphans" By Ear

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Creating a beat & Composing Music in Pro Tools

Learn how to use MIDI and Audio Samples in music production

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How To Make an EDM "Banger" - A Ghost Producer's Session

Watch a studio session from a dance music ghost-producer as he goes through his process of making one of his tracks.

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Advanced Tuba Studies - Become a Master of the Tuba!​

Master tuba performance and practice techniques while studying five challenging musical studies also known as etudes.

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