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Hello & meow!

My name is Constance and I am a professional cat therapist.

Booh, there is pooh on the couch!

In this course, I tell you everything about how to create the correct toilet cirumstances for your cat. I will give you information on how these things are kept in nature (when cats live wildly) and thus, how you can adapt your home cat toilet situation best possible to fit the instincts of your cat. And sssh! I will share the secret with you, why my cat toilet (and I have 3 fellow felines!) never stinks!

Additionally, I describe several common cases of litter box issues from my experience as a cat therapist and how I was able to solve them – and you can solve them too! Sign up now!


What Udemy's quality review team says about this course:

Hidden gem!

“Hello and meow,” as instructor and cat therapist Constance Boehle says by way of introduction. In this course, she wants to help you “create the correct toilet circumstances for your cat.” Even if you have multiple felines living with you, Constance’s advice will make them happy doing their business while also keeping your home odor-free. This might be our favorite course this month!

(Source: Udemy Blog Post Instructors / "Hidden gems for November")

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for regular cat owners, who want to make sure, the litter box situation is best for their kitties
  • ...or those, who face difficulties with their cats urination/defecation habbits.