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The best business start up course. Steps to Success: Everything you need to know for business start up success to start your own business. A concise guide to equip you with the ingredients to start and build your business, beginning with how to refine your business idea (perhaps even the development of a new product or service).

Is this course for me? Definitely, because you either already have a business idea, and keen to get started, or you are already trading and ready for accelerated growth.

The early emphasis on marketing will help you to narrow down who you are selling to and why, what benefits you provide, then how you can enhance your offer to improve sales.

The marketing environment section will provide a selection of frameworks to study the context of your venture.

In the sections on social media marketing and internet marketing, you will discover how to unleash the power of the internet to rapidly expand the scale and nature of your business to exploit every opportunity.

We will deal with financial management, the importance of cash and take a step by step approach to the financial management instruments.

The course is delivered through succinct video lectures mostly around 4 minutes with embedded exercises. For maximum benefit, you are advised to use a notebook or word document.

The content is designed to be accessible, anytime, anyplace, any level. You could progress through the course in a single day, or invest time depending upon your needs.

It is it based upon the latest knowledge I have developed at the University of Greenwich and capitalises on upon my experience of setting up 7 different businesses, coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs and supporting countless small businesses over 25 years.

Who is the target audience?
  • The entrepreneur keen to start a business
  • Early stage entrepreneurs ready to grow their business
  • It is not aimed at large corporates although individuals may find it valuable
  • This course would suit those who wish to be intrapreneurial ie set up new business units with an existing business