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What is the this course about?

This course is about Introduction to Basel Norms. It provides

  • details of Basel accords: such as Necessity, it's Advantage and Shortcomings
  • side by side comparison of Basel I vs Basel II vs Basel III – risks, pillars and approach
  • Different approach for Credit, Operational & Market Risk calculation and associated capital for each of them
  • Understanding of several terms capital adequacy ratio, Risk Weighted Asset, T1/T2 etc

What Terminology should be used by target audience to find this course

  • Basel Norms
  • Basel 1 / Basel 2 / Basel 3
  • Basel I / Basel II / Basel III
  • Capital adequacy ratio

What kind of material is included

It consists of 31 HD videos files and 3 PDF file of the presentation

How long course will take to complete?

It should take roughly 5 hours to go through the course content.

How is the course structured

  • It's first section is dedicated to Basel 1.
  • In the next section it gives details of Basel 2
  • Basel 3 is explained in section 3

Why take this course?

  • to get quick understanding of Basel norms
  • to understand why it was designed.
  • to understand why it was needed to migrate from Basel 1 to Basel 2 and then Basel 2 to Basel 3.
  • to understand the logic and need of such norms
  • to prepare yourself for advance study on Basel framework.
Who is the target audience?
  • Those who needs to learn basics of Basel norms should take this course
  • Those who needs advance training on basel should avoid it because it is an introductory course