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What is Happy Fliers?

  • HAPPY FLIERS is a hybrid of aerial yoga and aerial arts that provides a real mind/body connection.
  • Through controlled movements using a specially-designed hammock, your sensory awareness is heightened.
  • This is particularly useful for people in today’s technology-driven world.

In a world where fresh air and activity have given way to tablets and computer screens, people are stressed, unhealthy and unequipped to deal with anxieties of day to day life.

At Happy Fliers, we get back to basics – using aerial yoga & aerial art techniques with the aim of getting people active and healthy in both mind and body. The Happy Fliers' movements help us to develop healthy responses and coping mechanisms away from modern technology.

You will get a full access to our Happy Fliers online course and curriculum. Your kids, relatives and/or grandchildren can all enjoy this fun program! (A great gift idea!). Or why not yourself? The Happy Fliers’ program can be enjoyed not only by kids, but by teenagers and adults as well.

Some of the benefits of practicing Happy Fliers are:

- Spinal decompression

- Increased flexibility

- Increased core and arms strength

- A body-mind connection

- Gross and fine motor skills for writing (for children)

- Better posture

- Cardio benefits

- Physical and mental endurance 

- Emotional well-being

- Detoxification by inversion

* Courses are narrated by a professional voice talent Jacqueline Lauper.

** This course is intended to teach and present aerial yoga movements and poses. Although our curriculum goes over general guidelines and tips on aerial hammock installation, Happy Fliers always recommends you to hire a professional to do the rigging. Otherwise, find a sturdy and strong tree branch and fly! FLY HAPPY!

Who is the target audience?
  • Parents who want to teach aerial yoga to their kids
  • Potential studio owners who want to teach aerial yoga (to children as well as to adults) - You will be eligible to apply for the professional liability insurance with K&K Insurance Group upon completion of the Happy Fliers program
  • Teenagers interested in aerial yoga
  • Therapists (working with Sensory Integration Therapy)
  • All others interested in flying!